Neon polish and an Owl

September 16, 2011 at 9:29 PM (Crochet, Nails, News)

It’s been awhile. Again. Nothing special has been going on with nails or even drawing. Randomly working on drawing ponies for a My Little Pony plan; Coming up with furniture my husband needs to make so we can have some room; and relearning crochet. Again. I’ve randomly tried to learn crochet through out my life, do it too tight and quit. Taught myself knitting once. So I now have a whole mess of needles, crochet & knitting, a bunch of books my mom let me have and a couple I’ve bought and a ton of patterns scavenged from across the interwebs. So far, I haven’t touched the knitting yet, that’ll come after I feel more comfy with crochet. I have made a few things to date: a lap blanket/dog blanket cause the Sammy loves it, an owl, and 3 scarves, which have all gone to the same friend since she likes scarves. They just work great for learning I think, which is why I picked up Learn a Stitch Create a Scarf. Currently, I’m making the first scarf in that.

I’ve also picked up a bunch of nail polish and am slowing down my buying finally. Grabbed a 7 box set of Color Club neon from T J Maxx for $10. As I was water marbling, I found out that they’re also scented. Color club is a brand that I’ve never had any problems using to water marble my nails. This time was just filled with a strong grape smell on top of it all.

Time for some pictures! All crochet is done with red heart colors from years ago, as it was scavenged from mom. The owl is a multicolor pink, blue and white. The blanket is a multicolor purple, green and magenta. The current scarf is made of 3 colors, thus allowing me to work on long double crochet and changing colors, dusty rose, green and blue.