So Much to Say

December 27, 2015 at 12:37 AM (Nails, News, Photos)

And so little time to say it. Mostly because things are on the stove. We have a few things done in the house now. The main bedroom is mostly done sans trim and refinishing the floor. Computer room/bedroom 2 next. Orlando is re-organized again but with the craft desk Chris made in there now holding tons and making more room. Along with 2 bookshelves. The pink room is still construction storage/shit explosion fun time. Bathroom is blue instead of primary green. Kitchen has had the cabinet doors removed which helps lots in there. Dishwasher was replaced last weekend. Wooo! Basement is still an unorganized disaster full of random webs still, but it could be worse. We’re ignoring the basement toilet for now…

Nail Secret Santa happened. Yay! First 3 are secret santa. Other 2 are presents from a couple other friends. :3

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