Learning to knit, vol. 1: work with me fingers!

January 29, 2012 at 7:59 PM (Knitting)

Long ago, when I first leaned to crochet back when I was around 10, I learned to knit too. Well, cast on and knit stitch. I then proceeded to loose interest. Well, that had been my crochet/knit relationship over the years. Only without knitting being relearned randomly. My mom crochets, and my grandma.

Well, this past summer I relearned crochet and have stuck with it past a week, so go me. Now that I’m feeling more comfortable crocheting, I’ve decided to relearn knitting. Tunisian crochet is being sparingly sprinkled in there. But since I had my mom around what with me going to Fargo with them, I had her show me as the web videos just weren’t helping me start. Mostly, I have random questions that apparently no one else grasps, that and I need checking on the first few times.

I finally have an ok grasp of the knit stitch. Am just doing a little 10 stitch swatch until I feel more comfy. Then it’s going to be pulled apart and done again so I can practice casting on some more. 


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