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June 17, 2011 at 1:55 AM (Nails, News)

April. God, I’m trying to post more regularly. Apparently I’m not much a creature of posting habit. Go me.

Anyway, am randomly writing again. This is good. It’s something I haven’t really done in a long time. I’m currently working on my New Gods stuff, fleshing out history at the moment and getting ideas together for more of a cohesive plot. Something like that usually helps. Am also coming up with more descriptive information so that I know what I need to find information on when I redesign again.

I’ve also taken it upon myself to do a terrible thing. You see, last week sometime, my husband left a sketchbook under the coffee table with a doodle for something he’s designing and building. He’s also been playing a shit-ton of Dwarf Fortress (google it). So I drew my rendition of a Designer Dwarf on the page along with “Designer Dwarf approves this. So now I’m going to draw the NINE BILLION dwarf jobs. Or at least a chunk of them, as some seem redundant to me. And them I’m going to do a random comicy, Smurf-like series. In theory. I’m bad at following through on my plans.

I also found the rest of my hat boxes today and decided I need to go through and redo my nail polish storage situation. I’ve kept them in hat boxes since I was a teen and actually found a hat box. Currently I had only found 4 (I have a set of 5 nested and a random pink one, which was the first one I got) of which 3 were used for nail storage, the fourth relegated to cotton ball storage duty in the bathroom. (It’s a tiny box) That one remains in its home. I’m now using 5 for nail stuff. The hubby gave a look of horror when I showed it to him when he got home. Then put his hands on my shoulders and told me I have enough.

But before that, I took a new set of pictures of my collection! Maybe this weekend I’ll actually start making a spreadsheet of everything I have…mostly so I stop doubling up. >.>

My collection has increased a bit in the past few months…

Mostly added China Glaze, O.P.I, Essie and Zoya to the fold. And a bunch more from Icing. And a few from Sinful. Damn you, Something Awful thread!

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Oh my oh my…

April 21, 2011 at 10:00 PM (Misc., Nails, News)

I’ve have seriously neglected my site. I’m going to get everything set up on my domains and all will be happy one day. I’ve decided to set this whole thing up fully as a blog as it’s far less effort on my part. Now it’s just getting the theme to something I like.  I plan on restoring some things and letting others go for now. We’ll see how well that goes.

Long ago, back in high school, I was on a really big nail care kick. This carried over into a few years of working after high school. However, as college does sometimes breed, laziness kicked in pretty hard core. I was buying more than I was using. That stopped mostly when I stopped working in the mall 5 years ago. I didn’t have easy access and never thought about it so it didn’t really matter. That and my husband HATES the smell. (I barely notice it, but I’m weird.) But back then I would keep them painted in the neatest colors I could find. I would free hand my tips different colors and fun was had.

Due to a nasty thread on Something Awful, I’m once again in the grasp of polish. My nails are currently almost squared and painted with a blue, white and gold water marbling. Since I’ve been on the thread since the beginning of April, I’ve added about 40 more bottles to my already large collection. Currently I’m waiting on 6 more to come in the mail along with the stuff for Konading. (Pretty much stamping your nails.)

Once I’m over that the plan is to learn to sew. Somehow these things link in my world. All while trying to learn/improve crocheting, drawing and just general being. But once I get into that grove, I’m definitely going to get to updating this, my Sims blog, getting random up and happy and reinvigorating the FoB – Rebirth forums. >.>

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